Laravel Homestead in a docker container – a better and faster alternative

When I started using Laravel Homestead, I was excited about it, everything you need is packaged in a vagrant box. I don’t know about you, but vagrant has always been slow for me.

So what I did is take the provisioning script used in Laravel Homestead, build docker image, and start a container using that image.

I just published a github repository containing everything we need.

Setup steps are straightforward and easy to implement. You should be up and running in a few minutes.




    1. Haha!! It will work, I’m using it on a daily basis. And yeah!! vagrant was really slow for me too. Keep me updated on your progress.

  1. Hi, thanks for this. I have been wanting to do the same (port homestead to docker) and you saved me a lot of time/effort. Very nice to see it is relatively up-to-date with PHP7 too so thanks for all your hard work and maintenance.

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